My First Step Into Japanese

Remember i mentioned earlier that i’m going to study Japanese in the holidays? Well, i was in the city a few days ago, so i dropped by Kinokuniya and got myself Minna no Nihongo Textbook – Elementary Book 1. The Minna no Nihongo textbook series is really popular as beginner textbooks for aspiring japanese learners. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a 2nd edition now, and happily paid for it. Let’s examine the contents, shall we?

Minna no Nihongo

The front cover looks fresher than the 1st edition. I can’t wait to get started. >.<

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Facon Education Fair Trip

So i went to the Facon Education Fair held on 8,9 Dec 2012 at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. Wasn’t much since i’m waiting for a scholarship, but i acquired quite a lot of information on scholarships there. =)

There was a damn lot of college and university booths there, probably around 200+ advertising their courses. I walked around and collected more and more brochures, weighing down my poor shoulder immensely. Here’s a picture of the tons of papers i collected. Heavy huh?


I was particularly attracted to the talks given there by professors and lecturers from various colleges and universities. There was a long session there about life and education in Japan and you can bet i was there! It was pretty interesting and i was practically daydreaming about life in Japan, filled with animes, seiyuus and moe girls. What a hope! However, common sense tells me it would be foolish to study a degree in finance/banking/accounting/actuarial science in Japan, not even for the sake of animes lol.

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SPM is Over! My Holiday Plans

After a month of mindless counting, revising and scribling, i can finally declare myself free from the tedious SPM exam. It has been a most stressful month, with the papers harder than i expected. Anyway, let’s not talk about it anymore as i never want to remember it again. lol

So, graduating from secondary school leaves me lost, and a little bit confused over which step to take next. To take A levels? To take Pre-U? Or to take STPM…Anyway, seeing that i still have a few months in front of me, i’m glad to say that i have a few things in mind to accomplish, which before this i never had time to do. =)

The more realistic plans

Well, obviously i’m going to spend most of my time watching animes (and probably drooling over cute lolis too). I got a bit left behind, studying for my exams and now with awesome animes such as SAO, Girls und Panzer, Eureka 7 AO…all i can say that it’ll probably take up a whole lot of my time. And also, being an anime freak leaves me with the dream of mastering the Japanese language. It’s the only language i’ve really loved and is truly awesome. Hopefully during these months i can achieve the standard of JLPT N5, if not N4. If there’s time left, i’ll probably start taking kendo lessons. Sounds weird, even to me, but anything related to japan is worth learning! I’m such a japan maniac /.\

The more impossible ones

Okay, these plans do come into my mind, but i do realise they’re impossible and i’m just dishing them out for a few laughs. Even if there’s the tiniest possible chance, i would like to save some money during the holidays so that i can visit Japan. (sighs) I’ve always wanted to visit places in Japan such as Nakano Broadway, Akibahara and also enjoy Japan festivals such as Wonfest, Comiket and Fireworks Festival. Too bad, i don’t have the money to do so. Anyway, i guess my parents would have a fit if i even suggested to about a trip to Japan, by myself! lol. I might also start collecting anime figures, but they’ll be limited to a few which i really like since i don’t have the moolah and they really cost an arm and a leg. Sad case, huh?

Guess that’s all i have in mind. Enjoy your holidays and cheers~!

Kirigaya Kazuto

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