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The Garden of Words (Kotonoha no Niwa) Review

I was pretty free with 2 months of holidays in front of me when I happened to stumble upon this anime movie on one of my usual download websites. For those who’re looking for a change of taste from your … Continue reading

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Biasiswa Nasional 2013 (National Scholarship 2013)

Guess what, I’ve been offered the prestigious Malaysia National Scholarship 2013! Such a pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect it. I knew I would get good grades for my SPM 2012 examination, but imagine, the top 50 for like 400000+ students?! Woah, … Continue reading

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My SPM Results

The long-awaited SPM Results came out yesterday, and to my pleasant surprise, I actually scored 11A+ for my SPM. Hard work finally paid off. Hurray! I received a call from the Ministry of Education summoning me to their state department to … Continue reading

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Japanese – Greetings and Expressions

So while I’m in the midst of studying Japanese, I though I would share some very basic Japanese greetings and expressions with you guys. Although this is highly impossible, who knows there might just be some otakus out there who don’t … Continue reading

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Rants on Economics

So sorry for not writing on anything for a month. But then, if you consider that I’m studying for A-Levels, JLPT, IELTS, catching up with the latest animes and taking kendo lessons at the same time, I think I’m perfectly excusable … Continue reading

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College Life at Sunway College

It’s been a while since I wrote anything. The fact is, I was busy getting used to college life and doing college stuff. At first I thought that after my SPM exams, I could just sit back and relax for 6 … Continue reading

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Anime: My Thoughts

Animes are damn awesome! I don’t think I could survive without anime, neither could you huh? Anime has its ups and downs. It leaves us with a deeper understanding of the japan culture, japanese language and a lot of laughter. For those more … Continue reading

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