My SPM Results

The long-awaited SPM Results came out yesterday, and to my pleasant surprise, I actually scored 11A+ for my SPM. Hard work finally paid off. Hurray!

I received a call from the Ministry of Education summoning me to their state department to fetch my results the day before. Nothing was mentioned, everything was hush-hush, just an order, so I was quite nervous and half scared because none of my friends experienced the same thing. Instead of celebrating my results (or crying over them) with my friends at school, I had to go to the state education department now, which was an hour journey from my hometown. Tiring. =(


However, all turned out well, as it was revealed on that day at the press conference held at the state education department, that those summoned there were in fact, the top scorers of the state, with strings of all A+ in their results. My parents were overjoyed, for they were even more nervous than me before this. Surprisingly, I wasn’t very excited about my results. I mean, I was happy of course, but you won’t catch me yelling like mad all over the place, or crying all over my face with happiness. I had known roughly what grades I would score for each subject, except a few which I had slight doubts.

This is how part of my result slip looks like:

SPM Exam Slip

Recalling my secondary school life, it had been a tedious and tiring journey during the five years. Every day, I would spend hours revising my lessons and doing my homework while others were having fun partying or dancing or shopping or watching movies. I didn’t have much time to socialize. Probably I would just watch a movie with my friends like once every 3 months? It was just mostly work and little play. =( For me, my hard work has finally paid off, and now in college, I really want to spend more time doing other things that are fun and meaningful besides my studies.

It was quite a day yesterday, filled with happiness and sadness. Some of my friends celebrated, while the others were in grief for having missed an A+. Given the education system in my country, an A+ would make a hell difference, a difference worth more than 40k in terms of scholarship money, and more in terms of other things. *Sighs. Harsh, but I guess everything has its ups and downs.

Anyway, what is done is done. The SPM is past and now, all I should do is to concentrate on my studies if I’m going to get into the university I want. Congratulations to those who obtained good results. =)

Anime Girl

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4 Responses to My SPM Results

  1. Kaylyn Ang says:

    Hey , I have read the posts you wrote , so I would like to congratulate for being one of the top scorers in the country , and received a national scholarship … … Frankly speaking , I’m so jealous of you =] , I wonder did you go for tuitions ? I’m sure you did , didn’t you ? =D , may I know what are the subjects you did go for tuition ….. I’m not sure whether I need to go for biology tuition , do you have any advice for me on this ? Thank you so much , I hope you’ll reply me =)

  2. Ren says:

    Thanks. =)
    Yeap I went for tuitions for almost every subjects, except for Chinese, Moral. My Biology tuition teacher wasn’t the best, I studied my Biology mostly through hard memorizing the answer schemes for past year papers. Biology notes don’t help much, I find that answer schemes nail the keywords better.

  3. Veen says:

    hi…. you have really inspired me …..but do you think you can work for the result without having any help or consultancy without your teachers ….. i mean without going to any tuition

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