Rants on Economics


So sorry for not writing on anything for a month. But then, if you consider that I’m studying for A-Levels, JLPT, IELTS, catching up with the latest animes and taking kendo lessons at the same time, I think I’m perfectly excusable and should be forgiven. /.\

Anyway, this post is just to rant on my A-Level Economics subject, so if you want to avoid yourself from a biased essay filled with meaningless comments and vulgarities, I suggest that you click the red “X” button on the upper-right side of your screen right now. Read at your own risk!

After a month of studying A-Level Economics, all I can say is: Crap! Oops, that’s not only what I have to say. Lets continue. Economics is a social science subject. So what makes it different from pure science subjects, such as Physics, Biology and Chemistry? Basically, pure science subjects are studies of the nature and natural phenomenon. The laws of nature are fixed, I mean, the boiling point of water is 100 degrees celsius, light travels at a speed of 3 x 10^8 ms^-1. These facts are fixed right? Since the facts are fixed, we just need to recognize the laws, memorize them and know how to apply them into our daily life. Simple right?

So how about social science? Social science is a study about HUMAN behaviour. And what makes it worse, human behaviours aren’t fixed. Human are subject to their own interests, stupidity, irregularity, irrationality, ignorance and probably more than 100 other factors. You can decide that you like ice-cream today, but decide that you prefer chocolate more tomorrow. Human tend to change, for no particular reasons or for reasons which we can’t define. Hence, the facts and rules in social sciences subjects, especially Economics tend to change over time. You can’t just memorize a fact and trust it to be true for the rest of your life. An economic theory proven to be correct in the 1990’s could be wrong in the 21st century. You have to know how to “bend the rules” and keep up with the trend, changing your views and ideas as you advance. Hence, this make Economics so difficult (at least for me) as I was a pure science student in my previous studies.

Physicists have actually come up with a grand picture of how physics work, where all physic theories and laws actually snap into place and complement each other. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, where the physic laws and theories are the jigsaw pieces, and when you combine them together, you get a perfect picture.

However, the same can’t be said for Economics. Since Economics is a study of human behaviour, and human behaviour tend to change, economists have no way of combining their theories and laws together to form a big picture, or the perfect economic structure. Almost every time an economist comes up with a theory, another economist will jump out and point his finger at him, screaming that he is wrong. Neither of them are wrong, the fault ultimately lies in human behaviour. However, if economists had focused more on proving that their economic theories are true, rather than wasting their time penetrating and sabotaging others’ theories, how much easier it would have been for us Economic students. lol.

Briefly, although Economics is unpredictable and ever-changing, I actually find it quite interesting. It is altogether a dynamic and flexible study of knowledge, rather than pure sciences consisting of merely cold hard facts. The shift from pure sciences to social sciences isn’t pleasant, but I’m settling in nicely. Hopefully my studying Economics will be a fruitful one, rewarding me in the future.


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