College Life at Sunway College

CollegeIt’s been a while since I wrote anything. The fact is, I was busy getting used to college life and doing college stuff. At first I thought that after my SPM exams, I could just sit back and relax for 6 months, watching animes and slacking while waiting for my results, and also a scholarship, if I’m lucky. However, my dad suddenly decided that rather than to let me slack and let my brains rust away, it would be better to send me to college straight away, out of his own pocket lol.

It was a bit of rush actually, applying for college and hostel at the last minute, but somehow I managed it. Yeah, I’m staying away from home, since the college is too far away from my home to drive to and fro everyday. So there goes all my beautifully planned holiday plans. T.T

College life is a lot more different, and challenging from secondary school. The lessons aren’t actually a lot more harder than secondary school, but college life gives us a lot more freedom than at home. You see, classes aren’t compulsory, and you can choose to attend or not attend classes if you feel like it. And there’s just a thousand other things which are more interesting than your lessons, so you get distracted easily. Briefly, college life requires more than a little self-discipline. If you are able to control yourself and put in a few hours each day revising your lessons, you’ll do fine. However, if you really let go of yourself and just fool around, doing only what you like, you’ll be in a sorry state when your results come out.

I’m doing GCE A-Levels at college, with the subject combination of maths, further maths, economics and physics. With this combination, I plan to study accountings, finance or economics at university, leaving engineering as a backup option. The first two days were orientations, filled with both fun and boring activities. There were just so many people around that I didn’t bother getting to know others since most of them will not be in the same class with me afterwards. We started class on the third day. Overally I was greatly satisfied with the college. The teachers were good and amusing, and they didn’t make the classes too boring. My classmates were friendly and fun, although I still haven’t known all of them, yet. But I will. The college facilities were great, with a vast library and fast wireless internet accessible all over the campus. No complaints from me, yet. lol.

Staying in hostel has its benefits and also its disadvantages. Lets start with the good side first. Since you’re living near the college, it means you can spend more time at college, participating in extracurricular activities after lessons. I’m taking kendo lessons at college, so my holiday plans aren’t all gone after all. Also, living in a hostel enables you to adapt yourself to college life faster and get ready for your university life in the future. You also get the chance to know new friends, who make your college life so much more interesting. I have 2 saudi arabians and 1 hong kong-ian in my hostel unit and getting to know them is fun because they speak and act differently from the locals. It’s really interesting and amusing.

The bad side about staying in a hostel is the extra expenses, especially when it comes to food. Food can really cost quite a bit, especially if you can’t cook and have to keep eating outside. I can’t cook, by the way. Poor me. T.T I actually find myself missing my mum’s cooking more and more as the days go by, and when I return home during the weekends, I practically stuff myself with food, to make up for the weekdays lol. You’ll have to know how to take care of yourself also, and be responsible for the cleanliness of your room. I’m used to doing household chores, so I get on just fine.

Just my 2 cents of how college life feels like. Hope you enjoyed it, and helped you to plan your further studies. Cheers.

College 2

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