My First Step Into Japanese

Remember i mentioned earlier that i’m going to study Japanese in the holidays? Well, i was in the city a few days ago, so i dropped by Kinokuniya and got myself Minna no Nihongo Textbook – Elementary Book 1. The Minna no Nihongo textbook series is really popular as beginner textbooks for aspiring japanese learners. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a 2nd edition now, and happily paid for it. Let’s examine the contents, shall we?

Minna no Nihongo

The front cover looks fresher than the 1st edition. I can’t wait to get started. >.<

Minna no Nihongo 2

The first lesson. Looks exciting.

Minna no Nihongo 1

Let’s hope i can understand all these at the end of the lesson.

Minna no Nihongo 3

The passage in japanese text looks challenging!

Minna no Nihongo 4

What’s this? Some kind of feedback form, for the new 2nd edition of Minna no Nihongo i guess.

There’s another textbook series i can confidently recommend and that’s the Genki textbook series. I didn’t get it because its price is way too high for my poor budget. Anyway, i’ve already went through a few chapters of Minna no Nihongo – Elementary Book 1 and it’s really very interesting and efficient. In fact, i’m already starting to get the hang of Japanese already. If you’re interested in studying Japanese, i suggest that you go for the Minna no Nihongo or Genki textbook series. Ganbatte!

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