Facon Education Fair Trip

So i went to the Facon Education Fair held on 8,9 Dec 2012 at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. Wasn’t much since i’m waiting for a scholarship, but i acquired quite a lot of information on scholarships there. =)

There was a damn lot of college and university booths there, probably around 200+ advertising their courses. I walked around and collected more and more brochures, weighing down my poor shoulder immensely. Here’s a picture of the tons of papers i collected. Heavy huh?


I was particularly attracted to the talks given there by professors and lecturers from various colleges and universities. There was a long session there about life and education in Japan and you can bet i was there! It was pretty interesting and i was practically daydreaming about life in Japan, filled with animes, seiyuus and moe girls. What a hope! However, common sense tells me it would be foolish to study a degree in finance/banking/accounting/actuarial science in Japan, not even for the sake of animes lol.

There was also a talk on finance and accounting and i attended it. It was helpful and did clear up my mind on some facts. So, i MAY be taking up accounting or finance in the future. Who knows?

Anyway, enough of the chit-chat. Here’s some of the scholarships i gathered. Hope it helps.


The JPA scholarship is obviously the most well-known scholarship in Malaysia. It covers all your tuition fees, exam fees and provides you with a monthly allowance as well, at Pre-U level. Applications will are opened in March 2013, usually after the SPM results are revealed. For more information, check here or here.


Maybank scholarship isn’t bad either. It offers full scholarship for SPM students from Pre-University/Foundation studies to degree level including tuition fees, laptop, accommodation and living allowances. The only catch is you’ll have to be employed under Maybank after graduation. Application is already opened until 28th Feb 2013. Here’s the link, you can download the application form there. (I know it says applications are closed, just be patient until it’s updated, i have the form already lol)


Petronas offers scholarships for SPM students to study in selected fields only, such as civil engineering, chemical engineering, finance and accounting etc. I’m not so sure what is included in the scholarship, but students should at least have their tuition fees waived. Applications are opened in March 2013. For more details, check here.


Unluckily, Shell only offers scholarships for undergraduate/bachelor degrees and not for Pre-U level. Applications are already opened. For more details, check here.


Now, this is a really interesting scholarship. For those otakus interested in going to Japan, this is definitely a life-saver. MEXT is a scholarship offered by the japan government, which includes your tuition fees at Pre-U level in Japan, a one-way ticket to Japan, exemption from exam and entrance fees. And after Pre-U in Japan, when you enter a university, it grants you a monthly allowance which should be enough to cover your university tuition fees, and still have some left for your living expenses. Note that your living expenses in Japan are not covered by MEXT but provided you’re willing to work part-time in Japan, you should be able to survive. For more information, check out JASSO website or download this pdf.

There’s more but i’m lazy to type. Good luck in your educations. ^^

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2 Responses to Facon Education Fair Trip

  1. Pandaren says:

    Do you live in Malaysia? It’s pretty cool there 🙂

  2. Ren says:

    Oh really? You know what, we always think all countries are cool, except our own country lolz

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